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Masonry Repair/Mortar Matching Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

Mortar Match Test for Masonry Repair

It can be difficult to choose the right masonry repair company when you don't know much about how to repair masonry. This is especially true in the Dallas Fort Worth and Granbury area due to the number of masonry repair companies in the area.

To learn the most common mistakes made in masonry repair, click Masonry Repair Mistakes.

What you should know is that not all brick repair services are the same. While most of them have years of experience in the industry, they don't always have the best experience and training. This is not to say that they cannot repoint mortar joints or replace bricks. Almost any idiot can do that. However, most of the local companies don't even know that they don't know how to repair masonry properly.

To better explain this, you need to know the difference between mortar matching and Mortar Matching. To most masonry repair companies, mortar matching is the process of attempting to match the mortar color and make the cracks disappear, and they tend to have trouble with this. There are some who match the mortar colors quite well, but this is not mortar matching.

Mortar Matching requires testing samples of the existing mortar to determine the composition, mortar type, and formula. From this, a matching mortar can be produced and the color may then be matched. This type of mortar analysis can only be done in the lab, and is not a simple test to be performed by anyone.

These tests are performed for commercial and historic restorations all the time, and should be used in residential restorations also because they are the standard protocol for masonry repair as set forth by the ASTM and other organizations that regulate masonry restoration or preservation.

Masonry Repair Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

Within the Dallas-Fort Worth and Granbury area, there are very few masonry repair contractors that even know about testing mortars for matching their composition, and even fewer that take the time to do the testing. They make general assumptions about the mortar and then they mix their mortar without an understanding of the composition that they are even making.

During the installation, the mortar is often made by the lowest paid and least trained person on the job, and they tend to have made changes to the mortar composition or type by adding more sand or mix. Then, when a repair company attempts to remix premade bags of type n mortar or use less than the whole package, they are changing the mortar formula unknowingly.

We are among the few masonry repair companies in the Dallas - Fort Worth and Granbury area that test mortar samples and get their original composition formula, match mortar color, and mix our mortar from the base ingredients which allows us to provide a perfect mortar match and a proper masonry repair that lasts.

Brick Repair Dallas, Fort Worth, and Granbury

Brick repair in Dallas Fort Worth and Granbury has a variety of project types. In the Dallas-Fort Worth and Granbury area, we have repaired many different masonry problems. In most cases, the cracks in the brick and mortar were a result of the foundation settling.

As I once heard, "There are two types of homes in Fort Worth. There are those that have foundation settling cracks in the mortar and brick, and those that will have masonry cracks." This is because of our local soil. It is highly expansive and when you add to that our heat over the summer and seasonal droughts, the expansive soil dries and shrinks. When this happens, you will need foundation repair to lift the foundation, and brick repair to seal the mortar cracks.

Due to the designs of each home, the areas that crack will be different and may require different methods of repair to correct the masonry mortar cracking. Below are a few short articles that will help you understand the types of masonry problems and how to repair the mortar cracks.

Masonry Repair Articles Dallas/Fort Worth

  1. Mortar cracks above garage doors

  2. Sagging Metal Lintel and Cracks Above Garage

  3. Replace Mismatched Mortar Repairs

Our Brick Repair Procedures

Masonry Repair Cost Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

How Much Does Masonry Repair Cost in Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury?

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This is the most common question we are asked. In order to answer this question, we must tell you a little about masonry repair.

When preparing to repair masonry mortars and cracks, the mortar used for repair must match the original mortar. While this sounds easy enough, it is far more challenging than you might expect. Matching to an original mortar can only be done through extensive mortar testing performed by a qualified mortar testing lab. The testing lab must be able to test hardened mortars to determine their composition and mortar type. If the mortar type is not matched, the new mortar can cause further damage or not bond into the mortar joints of your wall.

Mortar Matching Analysis for Masonry Repair

This is why the official guidelines of masonry restoration specify the need for mortar analysis and matching, and that it is done through compliance with certain ASTM testing standards.

As these are the regulated guidelines of the industry, they would carry over into inclusion with the sale of any repaired property. Should a repair be performed that doesn't properly match and/or without the report from a testing lab specifying an appropriate repair mortar, the seller of such a property could likely be forced to re-purchase the property.

For all of these reasons, mortar testing is required before any repair can be performed to the masonry. You will notice the AMR Mortar Testing Labs logo proudly displayed on our site as they provide the most complete analysis and most usable information of any testing lab we have used.

The cost of mortar analysis and color matching are additional costs to complete a proper mortar repair.

AMR Labs produces bags of custom mortar at a cost of $70.00 per box. The average repair project uses 2 boxes of custom mortar. If your project is small, you are looking at an additional $140.00 for 2 boxes of mortar. Then, there are mobilization, labor, and other charges.

The average residential brick repair project costs between $500.00 and $2500.00, specialty items or areas to rebuild can get much higher.

Masonry Repair Estimate Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

In most cases, we can quote a price for masonry repair from pictures of the areas to be repaired and a few project details. (Please tell us: Is the home single story/two story, about how many cracks, are any cracks wider than a pencil, are any brick broken, and do you have replacement brick if needed.)

Be sure to include these details, pictures, and contact information (Name, Job Address, Phone) and send it to us at use promo code Masonry Repair

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Tuckpointing Mortar Joints Between Bricks Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

Masonry Tuckpointing

Masonry tuckpointing is the process of pointing or repointing the mortar between the brick, block, or stone of a masonry structure or veneer. It typically requires removing some of the old mortar from the mortar joints before masonry repointing can be performed. This is due to the ability of mortars to get a proper bond. Bonding requires about 3/4 of an inch depth and a clean moist surface to get the best bond.

Longhorn Masonry Repair specializes in brick repointing or repointing brickwork. Brick pointing or tuckpointing brick requires attention to detail, and knowledge of how the original work went together.

We also have experience in house foundation repair. This combination of our experience provides us with a better understanding of what is causing your brick mortar to crack, and allows us to fix the cause of the cracking and repair the cracked mortar joints and broken bricks.

Our experience in new construction of these projects is very helpful in being able to repair them safely and properly, and the little details make big differences. Even a change in the gradation of the sand will change the appearance and crushing pressure of the mortar.

At Longhorn Masonry Repair, we focus on the details. Each projects original mortar is examined so as to get a more perfect match because repairs don't have to look like repairs, and a proper repair should not even be able to be found. We match your mortar's color, texture, tooling, and the color and gradation of the sand as accurately as possible.

In order to do this, Longhorn Masonry Repair works with a testing facility (AMR Labs) or uses some simple testing methods onsite. Each truck is rigged out with everything needed to test and match mortars, and to produce mortar repair products.

For mortar matching services contact AMR Labs

We are making brick mortar cracks disappear. - AMR

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Masonry Repair Services in Dallas/Fort Worth/Granbury

Dallas Fort Worth Masonry Repair Services

  1. Mortar Matching
  2. Brick Matching
  3. Replace mismatched mortar
  4. Fix mortar cracks
  5. Chimney Repair
  6. Fireplace Repair
  7. Firebox Repair
  8. Masonry Repair
  9. Brick Repair
  10. Foundation Repair

Masonry Repair - How to repoint brickwork

OR Learn More About Our Do-It-Yourself Brick Repair Options

You can save hundreds of dollars using AMR Pre-Matched Mortars and The Brick Repair Guide. Pre-Matched Mortars make Brick Repair easy and affordable. AMR does the hard part for you. AMR analyzes and matches the mortar type and color. All you need to do is inject it into the mortar joints and tool it. It's that easy.

Order Pre-Matched Mortars and a Certified Mortar Match

Mortar Matching -

AMR Certified Mortar Matching - Lab tested and confirmed mortar matches perfect for any masonry repair.

AMR Certified Mortar Matching - "The First Step to Quality Brick Repairs."

Only AMR Masonry Repair Products deliver the quality you deserve. Every sample is lab tested and matched to the original mortar of your structure, and must pass the approval of lab technicians before any Pre-Matched Mortars are made.

AMR matches the mortar in color, texture, and crushing pressure to the original mortar of your home.

Most mortar matches are not visible immediately upon drying.

Dallas/Fort Worth Masonry Repair Service

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We provide brick repair, masonry repair, tuckpointing, masonry restoration, and mortar matching services in the Fort Worth and Dallas. Our masonry repairs are blended to match the original masonry mortars of each house.

We provide an exact match of mortars and brick matching for masonry repair or settling cracks and mortar deterioration and damage. At Longhorn Masonry Repair, we are dedicated to quality and provide the best masonry repair, perfect mortar matching, and are the best masonry repair company in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.

Masonry Repair Procedure

To repair mortar cracks, you must first determine the mortar type and mortar formula for matching the mortar. Mortar matching is done through mortar testing and mortar analysis of mortar samples from the building. These samples of mortar are tested to identify the mortar type, composition, compressive strength, mortar formula, performance, color and gradation of the sand, and other details about the original mortar used.

The report of testing results for the mortar are analyzed and a formula for matching your mortar is produced. Without mortar testing, there is no way to properly match mortars.

Then you need to get the brick and mortar repair materials for your masonry repair. Brick matching can be difficult, and you may need to use matching brick from a patio or planter. However, if you have a mortar testing report, matching the mortar will be easy. You can get the masonry binders and mix the mortar per the formula in the mortar testing report or get custom made mortars from AMR Labs.

After you have the matching mortar and bricks for your repair, you can remove the mortar and broken bricks, and prepare the damaged mortar or bricks for replacement. Then mix your mortar with sand and water and tuckpoint the mortar into the mortar joints using a pointing trowel or inject the mortar with a grout bag.

Tool the mortar joints to match the original mortar and brush away loose and excess mortar from the mortar repair. Clean any mortar smears off of the bricks and you have completed a proper mortar repair and masonry repair.

DFW Brick Repair Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

In Dallas and Fort Worth and the surrounding DFW brick repair area, we provide masonry repair services, and restore the brick, stone, block, and mortar for residential brick repair projects after the foundation repairs are completed.

Brick Repair Dallas | Brick Repair Fort Worth |

We fix brick mortar cracks in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, Johnson County, and the surrounding DFW area.

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Masonry Repair with Matching Mortar in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Granbury

Below are the before and after pictures of a project where the old repairs are smeared and used mis-matched mortar, and in the after photo, mortar smears are cleaned off the bricks and the mortar is repaired with matching mortar. You will notice the second picture looks darker. This is because the wall is wet from cleaning and the pictures were taken the same day. The first in the morning with more direct light and the second in the late afternoon when the sun was on the other side of the building.

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Masonry Repair Dallas Fort Worth-Before Mortar Matching Services Masonry Repair Dallas Fort Worth-After Mortar Matching Services

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